Proverbs 31 {#2}

Okay folks, so I’m a little late on day two (who am i kidding? I’m really late!) , but here it goes…

Proverbs 31:11 The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.

My days absent from the blog were not wasted, I’ll have you know! I have learned so much this past week. This study on the virtuous woman has become a very personal and in depth one and I’d like to share my findings.

Reverting back to the verse for today, look at the two words “safely trust”. I heard a messaged preached by Pastor Bob Gray on being a War-like Lady, and in it he said that a wife does not earn the trust of her husband. She transfers the trust already established in her authorities to her new authority, her husband. If you just begin to be accountable and live the life of a wife and a homemaker when you get married, I’m afraid it would take quite a while to earn your husband’s full trust and have him feel secure that everything was being taken care of at home and in the tasks of a wife.

Let’s take this verse and turn it into a challenge. Imagine your husband and children at the finish line cheering you on. This world would love nothing else than for you to “enjoy your youth” by running around at your own leisure doing the things they deem fun. They would love to see you reach your future family clueless. They would find it so very entertaining to see you and your husband fighting while your children run wild because while your husband was at work you continued “enjoying your youth”and got nothing done. Remember, that’s what you had been practicing all throughout your preparatory years. Let’s pick up this challenge and work to become trustworthy. Take that opportunity to bake for the next choir banquet. Volunteer to work in the nursery for the next ladies’ conference. Keep yourself under authority and use your life to not only be a servant but to be a trust worthy one.

Many ladies, including myself, have fallen into the temptation of volunteering to serve in many many areas. Unfortunately we don’t schedule our time or determine our strengths and weaknesses and therefore our service is second class, not our best. Be a lady that people can count on. Don’t be shy to accept tasks to be a blessing but do the very best on them and have them finished on time if not early. Be the one that the authorities can count on. Be the one they know they can trust to let them know if others are doing something they shouldn’t. Don’t settle with being just a good lady, be the lady that can make a home and comfort the man that runs it.

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